Sonny Zae

Sonny Zae lives in the Dallas, Texas area and enjoys speculating about the future and writing science fiction, fantasy, horror, and humor.

 Sonny Zae published an anthology of short stories, “Ninja Nuns and the S.P.E.C.T.E.R. of Evil”, available through Amazon as a paperback or electronic book.  His science fiction robot story “Automated Everyman Migrant Theater” was third place winner in Writers of the Future contest, first quarter 2019, and was published in the Writers of the Future anthology 36, published April 7, 2020.  His horror science fiction short story “De-Humanized” was published June 2019 in the Full Metal Horror 2 anthology by Zombie Pirate Publishing.  His Ghost story “Family Spirit” was published in the October 2017 ghost story anthology by Zimbell House Publishing.

Works by this author:

Automation, Obsolete