Category: Science Fiction

Automation, Obsolete

Warby waited for the door to unlock. The outer door thunked, then two long seconds elapsed before the inner door light illuminated, permitting him entry into the jolt shop. Was so much security necessary? Warby moved to the jolt shop counter and inserted his grasper. The credit reader beeped and the ring around the opening […]

Welcome to Relationship Town, Population 2

GERT status update: G-tube former embryo final failure rate: 100%. Restarting with H-tube embryos. Please advise. **Incoming encrypted transmission: Geocoupled Extrasolar Report Transmitter key required** **Key confirmed** Origin transmission: Affirmative. No change in colony deployment protocol. Proceed with H-tube embryo thawing, gestation, and rearing. GERT status update: H-tube former embryo final failure rate: 100%. Restarting […]


Soni opened the door and stepped out into the corridor. She felt the ridges of the enamel floor caressing her bare feet. The two tenths standard gravity meant that the ridges were barely caressing her feet, not inflicting painful pressure against her soles like they would if she were on Earth, but it was cold. […]

Catch and Release

For IDJ eyes only: Target secured. En route to rendezvous point on Ceres station. Estimated arrival: 0417, 15:56 by Earth reckoning. Delays or changes to be communicated immediately.  Agent Talat paused, considering whether to add any additional details to the message. She decided against it — there would be plenty of detail in the full […]

Harnessing the Sun

The Neren delegation, representatives of Leha’s own species, had been seated with their backs to the window that overlooked their ruined world, so they stared their hatred into Leha as they ate.  The desert behind them was an empty seafloor, scattered with leaning ships and the bones of the leviathans that had recently ruled the […]

The Notebook

March 13, 2018 I’m not really a survivor type. Seriously. In the Gilligan’s Island we’re-stranded-now-what lineup, I’m Ginger. Coddle me, feed me, I’ll be on my hammock. You don’t have to “survive” in the city, right? Just have a takeout menu. Or five. I had a job, I had an apartment, that’s what you thought […]

Garble, Love, and Music

Garble’s feelers drooped in the damp air. Her overview of the properties of water had prepared her for the shock of seeing it for the first time– but not for feeling it in the air. It was all around her all the time, from the moment she stepped off of the ship. Too-small-to-see droplets clung […]

The Morning Rose

The cruiser rattled. Septus Pertinax jolted awake, stretched out on a bunk. A ring of sweat had formed around his shirt collar. Before touchdown on Endymion, he’d been dreaming of rooms: apartments in a manor high on a hill, each filled with light, with friends. Each of them toasted him. Each new room revealed new […]

Clear as Light

Sometimes the unraveling of a life begins simply and quietly. As lightly as the fluttering descent of a moth with a torn wing. A tiny point of light falling in the deep night sky. A moment passes, unnoticed and unremarked-upon; it is only in hindsight that everything becomes clear. For Evan Sumner-Beauville, the moment happened […]

Expanded Horizons

“Not a mark on him, Sarge,” Victor noted. “You sure he’s dead?” Sergeant Lemov could imagine what was going on behind Victor’s impassive features.  He was certain that, had the robot been programmed for facial expression, he’d now be displaying a sour look.  The sergeant wished he had been, because then, he could do his […]