Welcome to Release #002: King Ghidorah

Welcome to Release #002 of the rebooted Daikaijuzine! In this release, we have three great stories for you to enjoy, just like King Ghidorah had three great heads to fight Godzilla with.

Getting this release out into the world was a feat unto itself. Thanks to our tremendous staff, from our Managing Editor to our Slush Reader to our Associate Editors. We had some personnel changes, we had the entire site CRASH completely, to the point where even the backup files were unusable. Still not sure how that happened. We ended up recreating the entire site from scratch, tracking down the original submissions and putting them back in place. Thanks to our patient contributors who were willing to be such good sports about the entire process.

And then, of course, there’s all… this. *gestures at pandemic*

And speaking of great contributors, a special shout-out to Daikaijuzine contributor Beth Cato, whose poem A Purring Cat is a Time Machine was nominated for the prestigious Rhysling Award for speculative poetry! Be sure to check out Release 001 and read all the poems there; they are all fantastic and beautiful. They wouldn’t be in the pixels of Daikaijuzine if they were not.

Moving forward: We are currently open for submissions, and will be for at least another month (this usually depends on how full our email fills and how fast). Our next release, 003, should be on September 21, 2020. After that, we hope to release one a stable quarterly basis. Keep an eye out.

Thanks again for visiting and reading. Our stories are monstrously spectacular, our contributors are wonderful, and our readers are delightful. Stay well and stay safe.

Richard S. Crawford

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief