M Todd Gallowglas

Start with raw imagination. Add two parts coffee to every one-part whiskey (for best results, use Irish or Scottish single malts. Bourbon may result in a volatile mess.)

Add equal heaping spoonfuls of angst, whimsy, snark, along with a dash of imposter syndrome. Shake vigorously. Once it stops frothing, drop in a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing and sprinkle a healthy dose of shenanigans on top, while chanting either, “What’s a gleeman?” or, “Tell me a story,” depending on personal taste.

Yields one pantheon, a Faerie War, a cloak of tales, the thwarting of devils and demons, revolutions, Slightly Above Average Misadventures, convention panels, geek literary theory, writing classes, role-playing games, airsoft battles (because it’s cooler than paintball), and occasionally swing dancing. Best served at Con temperature.

Goes well with a family possessing more patience than Job, three awesome children (one joy, one spirit, one pride), better friends than he deserves, and one small but rabidly loyal fanbase. Excelsior!


Works by this author:



The Comic Con Hustle